About Us

What is the Lubbock-Cooper Education Foundation?

The Lubbock-Cooper Education Foundation is a partnership of public education advocates seeking to invest in the youth of the Lubbock-Cooper community, provide necessary resources to maintain a high quality learning atmosphere for Lubbock-Cooper students, spread awareness of the accomplishments of teachers and students within Lubbock-Cooper schools, encourage educators and students to perform at their highest potential, and provide ample opportunities for success for students of all walks of life!

Our mission is to partner with the community, encouraging and supporting educational excellence, innovative instruction, academic achievement, and a wealth of opportunities for success for all students.  Our goal is to utilize community resources to promote an atmosphere in which students may excel academically and recognize and reward classroom innovation.

We are comprised of several Lubbock-Cooper community members, parents, and business owners with a common objective – supporting innovative educators and enhancing the learning environment for all Pirates and Patriots through teacher grants and student scholarships!  Since the Foundation’s inception, more than $1 million in grants and scholarships have been awarded throughout Lubbock-Cooper ISD.

Who does the Foundation benefit?

In short, everybody!  Students feel the support of their community and earn recognition for their accomplishments, encouraging them to achieve their goals.  Teachers are supported in their innovative ideas and motivated to create exciting classroom atmospheres, keeping students involved and inspired.

Businesses invest in the education of today’s students who will become tomorrow’s leaders, building a powerful and skilled workforce.  Our community reaps the rewards of higher educational standards, including increased quality of life, improved economic growth, and generations of ambitious citizens.

How can I help?

The Lubbock-Cooper Education Foundation generates resources through community investment in the form of donations and fundraiser participation.  We need your help to support Pirate and Patriot education!  In addition to community events throughout the year and employee and parent giving campaigns, we welcome individual donations!  Every dollar donated shows our teachers and students that you believe in what they do and what they are capable of!

To donate to the Lubbock-Cooper Education Foundation, please click here.